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GALLERY: Logo Design and Identity

This case study demonstrates some of the thought processes which go on behind the scenes of a logo design project.

The original logo for the organization was this one. Originally, the goal was to create something new and fresh which actually depicted what the agency did - provide services and support to the county organizations that worked with the senior population. We wanted to focus on key phrases such as community, family, support services, assistance and of course, seniors.

As a resident of the state capital of New York, we felt a particular need to create a non profit logo that did NOT have the state map in it. And with that, we set out to brainstorm ideas.

This idea took the acronym of the organization and created a series of human figures - from small to big, young to old, white to black, standing in a doorway, sheltering one another.
This concept came from a symbol used in native mythology, for the four stages of aging or life.
This one came from the "sunset of your years" concept and was intended to provide a peaceful, serene image of a person sitting in a chair, watching a sunset.
Again, using the letter A from the acronym, we tried another image which depicted people of all sizes, and the one in the back embracing all the rest. In some ways, it also looks like a series of houses - which works with the community concept.
Unfortunately, in this case, the organization opted as a group to retain their existing logo and none of these were ever used. But it was an awesome logo exercise.

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