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Case Study: Web Site Graphic Design and Development

(this site no longer exists)

The client, NYS Office of General Service Special Event's Office, gave us the opportunity to develop a new site for the 2000 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Observation. The old site had a tremendous amount of content in very long scrolling pages, and a lot of large images, so the job was to come up with a new design that pared down that content, restructured the information architecture, and relied less on large images. We needed to work within the constraints of a logo which was designed elsewhere, and create the look and feel around that logo. In addition, the goal was to create a web site which could be easily updated after the actual celebration, and reused for at least the upcoming year's events.

The design we created has a simple color scheme reflecting the logo, and rollover navigation that remains the same on every page. We worked with their staff to rework the content, and introduced a new hierarchy of information, with smaller chunks of info. All of the graphic elements and pages were created in such a way that future revisions will be simple and cost effective.

The responses to the new site from the Governor's staff was very positive and it was a great honor to be able to develop a site for this organization.

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