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Case Study: Web Site Graphic Design and Development

(this site no longer exists)

(Site was built as a subcontractor to Empire Information Services in 1998. It has since been redesigned.)

This site was especially challenging because of its size and the relatively short timetable for launching it. A lot of time was spent working on the architecture, and outlining the information. For example, the Advocate, NEA/NY's print magazine, needed to go on the site, and we put a lot of thought into how to handle this in hypertext. We built a site structure which reflected and took advantage of the relationships in the content, but stayed open to future salability. It was tested thoroughly, and had frequent reviews with the client, before any content was filled in. The site uses multiple navigational systems, including text links, a search feature, and a site directory.

Extra care was taken to make sure the site would degrade gracefully for visitors who might be college students, accessing from public Internet connections or schools, or disabled. To accomplish this, graphics are used conservatively, recycled wherever possible, and the content was always the primary focus.

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