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Case Study : Brand Identity and Web Site Design

"I don't know how OlderWiserWomen.com would have gotten off the ground without Eileen's ability to reach into my head and put my thoughts into a tangible the form of a logo and web site. She has been extremely patient with me, helping me move along my own learning curve. I feel blessed to have found the exact person I needed to work with in the sea of web designers out there."

Barbara Phillips, MN, NP

OlderWiserWomen.com is the creation of Barbara Phillips, a certified nurse practitioner in Washington. She is writing a book called Older, Wiser Women, which will be a compilation of stories.

Business Design Studio was honored to be asked to help create the identity, and then the web site for this fascinating project. The logo design needed to represent the diversity of the women who would be contributing to the OWW book and community, and be colorful, funky and fun enough to be desirable on merchandise like t-shirts. We explored a number of different symbolic and archetypal motifs, and finally settled on this hand-drawn depiction of a group of diverse and dynamic women celebrating.

The intent of the web site was to promote and solicit stories for the book, and create a foundation for a women's community and resource network. Barbara continues to grow the site, adding new material and features constantly. It is truly a labor of love!



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