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Case Study : Digital Photo Image Editing, Retouching and Restoration Services


A few applications for
photo image editing:

  • Real Estate photos
  • Personal Ad photos
  • Corporate web site photos
  • Pictures of your staff or agents
  • Arts & crafts photos
  • Restoration of family photos for genealogy projects
  • Fashion model photography and professional head shots
  • Pageant and glamour photos
  • Food and restaurant photos
  • Remove ex-spouses from the picture


This image is a scan of a newspaper print photo - the only known image of Anna Leach, one of the presidents of Emma Willard School in the early 1900s. It was obviously very small - and the school wanted a 16x20 portrait of Anna to hang in the hall of presidents.


As you can see in this close up, the entire image had the dot pattern from the newspaper print. And usually, scaling something larger is a bad idea.

What a challenge this photo would be!


Here is the final portrait, which I had printed on 16x20 photo paper with a UV laminate. After matting and framing, Emma Willards portrait timeline of presidents was completed.


In this example, a model provided me with photos which needed some retouching. This is a close up of an area of her leg, before and after. I smoothed out the skin, leaving it without any hair bumps but still looking naturally textured.

From the same client, this is a close up of part of the face, before and after. I removed some stray hairs and smoothed out the texture of the skin. I also softened the cheek hollows a bit, and lightly tweaked the color levels.

Whenever I work with a model or other professionals image, the most important thing is that the photos never LOOK like they've been retouched! The greatest compliment I can get is repeat business from the same client.

Sometimes the adjustments are minor but they can make a big difference. The original real estate photo on the left was dull, and washed out - all it took was a little sharpening and punching up the color a bit, to make it come alive. I also cropped it slightly to better frame the foreground area.

A piece of the original photo is on the left. The entire photo was cracked and completely torn in about five places, and yellowed with a number of stains. I pieced it together on the scanner and restored it as close as possible to its original condition. The hardest part was the mom's left eye and cheek, which was really torn up so I had to redraw most of that.

The family photo on the left had faded and yellowed over 30+ years - I was able to restore it to the bright, colorful picture it was on the sunny autumn day it was taken.


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