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Case Study : Custom Web Site Design

"I like the pride you take in your products. It's the thing that makes you go the extra mile on service."

- Anita Rabinoff-Goldman

GOAL: To create a web site for a Judaic fiber artist, Pomegranate Judaica. The artist and site owner already had a logo concept in mind. She also wanted to be able to maintain the site herself, and add new products and pictures to the site.

STRATEGY: We created a logo based on the client's concept and colors, in Illustrator and helped her chose a font and colors. The site design was based on those colors and we agreed that to highlight the product photos, the background should be black. The design is based on a close-up shot of one of the pieces of art, colored to match the logo.

We developed the site in Macromedia Dreamweaver templates with Contribute administration, so that she would be able to add and remove products. The templates defined areas for the site content, and image requirements. After the initial pages were built, she was able to input all of the products and photos herself, and continue maintaining the site.

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