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Case Study : Trade Show Booth Design

The task was this: create the imagery for an 8 x 8 foot full color display and get the artwork to the printer 3,000 miles away within 6 days, and then follow it by airplane to complete the process before it went off to a trade show.

The logo had been developed in previous weeks, and the web site was completed, so a lot of the imagery was already available.

From all the comps, this one was chosen:

I decided that a combination of photo collage and line art would look good, and purchased stock photography for the collages, to represent the food and music verticals Predixis represented. Collage are often appropriate for lifestyle products and services because of their realism and "picture worth a thousand words" usage.

I designed three separate panels and a banner to be printed on vinyl with velcro. This approach allowed for flexibility if any shows were done for just one vertical. After the design was done, it was sent overnight to California for printing, I flew to meet it and assemble the booth. This was the final result:

[click to view larger]

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