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Case Study : Corporate Identity and Web Site Design

Predixis was a start up launched in 2000 by ParaSoft Corporation. The product was a one-to-one preference matching technology for the food and the music verticals.

GOAL: To develop a logo and brand identity which visually depicted the unique elements of the base technology, which created a unique "fingerprint" of the food or the song based on a large number of variables, learned about the consumer's personal interests and tastes, and then matched the consumer with the song or a recipe. This was the resulting logo:

STRATEGY: We focused on the predictive abilities of the technology, and the way that it targeted an individual's unique needs out of wide matrix of variables. Understanding how the system worked, there was a feel of multi-dimensionality, which we also wanted to address. The company was high tech, so the font needed to have clean, futuristic lines.

The original web site for Predixis used this logo and a wire frame head that we purchased and modified, to represent the futuristic preference matching technology that was at work in the software. You can also see the trade show booth that Eileen designed for this company here.

(this site no longer exists)

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