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Case Study: Web Site Graphic Design and Development

(this site no longer exists)

GOAL: Redesign the site of a Canadian company which develops high end, state-of-the-art software for forestry, fire, and weather management. The old site had a vast amount of content already, and had been actively added to by Remsoft staff, so it had grown tremendously.

The second major goal was to come up with a visual look and feel which worked for what was to be an "umbrella" site with two differently branded sub-sites underneath it.

STRATEGY: Our job was to analyze the entire existing site, understand Remsoft as a company and what their goals were, come up with a plan for information architecture which would hold all the existing content and be scalable for future content. It had to serve a broad audience - Remsoft employees, and current and future users in a number of different industries, and we created an architecture which did that.

The design solution we proposed was to use a neutral tan color scheme over all, with green accenting dominant for the Forestry side of the business, and an orange-red for the Weather/Fire side.


With a site index and full site search to finish it off, the result was a very content rich site which is easily and quickly navigated, with everything having a place.

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