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GALLERY: Web Site Graphic Design and Development

"All that you imagine and create is profoundly beautiful, joy-giving, awe inspiring, true magic. I feel honored to get to work with you, and to be infused by your spirit and your incredible talent. Thank you, my friend, for everything."


Rosanne Raneri is a singer/songwriter in Albany, NY.

GOAL: Rosanne's hallmark is that she writes beautiful, lush and sensual lyrics and sings them like a force of nature. The goal was to create a vision for her new site which captured the rich layers, textures, emotions and complexities she sings of; evoking but not over-powering. We also needed to develop an easy way for her to communicate with her legions of fans (and there are legions - we imported her mailing list!), a place for fans and media to get photos and news in her own delicious words.

STRATEGY: This project offered a chance to use gorgeous photography, and if you study the site, you'll see that there are patterns and messages in nearly every choice that was made. We used CDBaby, where her CD can be purchased, to provide MP3 samples and ecommerce.

We used the super affordable but easy to use mailing list service from YourMailingListProvider.com and maintain the site for Rosanne with regular updates on her shows and events.


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