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Case Study : Direct Mail - Postcard Marketing Campaign

We were hired by a business strategist to assist her client, an upscale senior living community, in developing a direct mail campaign.

The campaign was fourfold. First, a campaign to acquaint professional service providers, who likely act as advisors to the target audience (financial advisors, medical professionals, lawyers, etc). The second was to educate large employers in the area about the availability of the living space for temporary executive housing. Third, to let organizations in the area know about the availability of the dining and meeting space, and lastly, a campaign to target prospective residents, and inform them of the benefits of the community.

It was important that each card consistently brand the community, even though they were all going out to different audiences. We worked together on the message for each card, in conjunction with previously designed television campaign.

Business Design Studio primary responsibility was to design the front and back of the cards, using the messages we determined as a team. We were able to identify and purchase a photograph which worked well for the message of both the first (referral) and (fourth) campaign, and use corporate photography for the other two (dining facilities and executive suites), thus saving significantly in the cost of photography.

For the first campaign, we applied an effect to the husband in the picture, to suggest he might not be "there" - but still guiding and supporting his spouse. In keeping with the theme of a recently designed television campaign, we designed the cards that had a direct headline, with "thoughts" in the background.

The reverse of the card speaks directly to the professional with a message asking for referrals, when their clients come to them for help.

The back of the card also cross sells the communities other services.


In the campaign to prospective clients, both husband and wife are clearly involved in the decision process. It speaks directly to them, about choosing the type of lifestyle offered by the community. Both features of the community and benefits are included in the message, and again we cross sell the services.

These, and the other two campaigns (not shown), will go out quarterly, for a year. They were designed as jumbo cards with a gloss finish, in keeping with the image of the senior living community.

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