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Case Study: Branding and Web Site Design

The Small Business Summit 2006 is an event produced by Ramon Ray at SmallBizTechnology.com. To be held in NYC in February 2006, the project relied on Business Design Studio for branding, a web site, web marketing collateral and print collateral. The astonishing part was that the turnaround for the first 3 items was roughly a month. We worked with a virtual team that included project management, programming and copy writing.

The immediate need was for a logo that would be comfortable in both the business and technology world, somethign we could have "up and running" very quickly. We went with blue and black - one corporate, the other high tech, and a font which was readable, scalable and futuristic.

The web site template and design needed to have ample places for sponsors and other associations that were involved with bringing the event alive. The theme, Technology & Business: The Perfect Marriage came with a caveat - absolutely no related imagery! To create a subtle reference to this "marriage" Eileen used a background that started as ones and zeros and ended with dollars and cents.

After the site was launched, we also created a series of banner ads which the media, sponsors and other interested parties could use to connect to the site. Our idea was that if we did this, we could hopefully spread the word about the summit faster than if we relied solely on the word of mouth and radio spots. To further encourage the viral spread of information, and maintain a consistent brand, we also put together a page with downloadable images that people could use.

Once the web site was launched and promotion could begin, we also were on hand to develop all the other marketing collateral for the event - from name badges to the directory all attendees would receive.

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