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Case Study : Web Site Design

We were hired to create a home page collage and design, and sub page template for the Infoterra TerraSAR-X web site. The team in Germany was building an informational marketing site for the X-band satellite being launched in 2006.

Working with actual satellite imagery, we designed a collage showing TerraSAR-X in orbit, gathering information and transmitting it to a receiver. The original collage was delivered to Infoterra for use in other print marketing materials.

TerraSAR-X web site

The team had already determined which information would be included in the site and provided an architecture. Our assignment was to create a sub page template, navigation and style sheet which could be used for all the pages of the site. It had to clearly show where in the information a visitor was, and we developed a drill down navigation to do that. Once approved, the team in Germany wrote all the content and built the site.

TerraSAR-X web site

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