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Case Study: Photo Collage Design, Custom Web Site Graphic Design

Tierservice means "Animal Service" in German, and is the name of a full service establishment for pets located in Stolpen, Germany near Dresden. This web project was started in 1999, to give a family business a world wide presence and to provide the framework for future information and e-commerce projects.

Obviously, the biggest challenge was the bilingual nature of the site. A framework was developed by me which would offer two paths from the home page - English and German - and then two versions of the architecture. Content in German was sent via email, as were digital photos. All of the content was painstakingly translated into English, with a good deal of restructuring necessary to make it 'proper' for English-speaking web audiences, and taking into account cultural differences.

Once the static content of the site was in place, the owner began developing a series of pet information resources in German with static and database driven content, and e-commerce, and took over the design of the site.


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