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Case Study : Logo Design

"I was impressed with the process Eileen used for my logo design. I truly was her "partner" through the whole process, as she listened and responded to my desires, needs, and suggestions openly. Business Design Studio hit the bulls eye! Exceptional Service... I'll give her my business for a long time, and gladly refer others. "

Heidi House, Owner
Tile Tapestries

GOAL: To depict the product which was being designed and sold - custom, hand painted tiles for home decor.

STRATEGY: This was done by using tile blocks in the design, and choosing a font which had a certain feeling that it had either been stamped or perhaps chiseled.

GOAL: The logo needed to work in pieces - the logo mark able to stand alone as a signature for the custom painted tiles.

STRATEGY: We solved this by creating an interesting design, resembling the TT of the name, out of tiles, which were notched to mimic the texture of the font.

The final design works in both black and white and 2 color, one blue with a tint, for economical printing on a variety of marketing collateral.

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