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Photo Shop Restoration and Retouching Services

Business Design Studio has expert photo editing, retouching and restoration services at affordable prices for both businesses and individuals.

View a gallery of select examples of our photo editing work, to see for yourself!

We can take the photos you have and do anything from the practical:

  • Resize
  • Cut out (crop) any part of the photo
  • Brighten, lighten, darken, improve contrast
  • Reduce red eyes
  • Whiten teeth
  • Sharpen image

... to the magical:

  • Remove or smooth wrinkles
  • Adjust colors - ie., if your face is too red or green
  • Remove spots, moles, freckles, and other blemishes
  • Paint in clothing or remove clothing (ie., paint on longer sleeves)
  • Add and remove hair
  • Change hair color, eye color, clothing color
  • Scan, repair and restore old photographs
  • Change the background or scenery
  • Remove people and objects from a picture
  • Remove strange patterns or textures

... and more!

You can see a few case studies of the work we've done on photos, the digital photo art we've created, and taking it a step further, our photo collage work which is widely renowned on the web.

Let us know what you need to do - no matter how impossible it seems, we can probably create exactly the images you need!


Photo retouching and restoration services are also available on a freelance basis to photographers and agencies. Bulk rates are available.


We work with fashion models, musicians, artists, pageant contestants, geneaologists, photographers and a wide variety of professionals and individuals who simply want their head shots to look terrific - whether it be for marketing or a personal ad!

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