Photo Image Editing

Whether for a web site, personal ad, or a business networking forum, it is a good idea to have a few good photos of yourself ready to upload. Yet many professionals don't have the software or the editing skills to come up with a really good looking picture of themselves from what they have available.

SOHO It Goes! has expert photo editing services [click here to see examples!] at affordable prices, and can take the photos you have and do anything from the simple:

* Resize
* Cut out (crop) any part of the photo
* Brighten, lighten, darken, improve contrast
* Reduce red eyes
* Whiten teeth
* Sharpen image

... to the magical:

* Remove or smooth wrinkles
* Adjust colors - ie., if your face is too red or green
* Remove spots, moles, freckles, and other blemishes
* Paint in clothing or remove clothing (ie., paint on sleeves)
* Add and remove hair
* Change hair color, eye color, clothing color
* Change the background, scenery
* Remove strange patterns or textures from the image
... and more!

We also can scan your images and create slide shows. Our photocollage work is reknowned. Let us know what you need to do - no matter how impossible it seems, we can probably create the photo you need!


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