Nearly everyone in the business and academic world is familiar with PowerPoint. In reality, however, how often can you say you saw a really GOOD presentation which used PowerPoint? For all of its bells and whistles, this versatile presentation software assumes the user has a full grasp of issues like color, typography, layout, presentation, timing, and information design. SOHO It Goes! can work on developing a custom designed template which matches your existing brand identity, or you can turn us loose with your outline to make some magic. Having a design professional work on your presentations can only enhance the experience of your audience and make what you're presenting more memorable and effective.

A few practical applications of presentation design services:

  • Professors and other trainers interested in polishing their presentation
  • Attorneys and other legal professionals wishing to get the most impact out of the facts in their case
  • Any business or organization developing a self running "kiosk" or slide show for a tradeshow or other event
  • Start-ups wishing to wow the folks with money, during business plan presentations
  • Professional speakers and presenters who want to concentrate on the content and let someone else worry about how it looks, but still make effective use of the presentation software

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