Situation You have a three hour trip to make to a client site, by car. You also need to prepare a large report for another client, resulting from the work of the previous week. Ordinarily, this type of trip would be wasted time - but SOHO It Goes! tells you it doesn't have to be.

Situation You attend a 3 day industry event in another part of the country, and in the course of the event, collect 128 business cards from folks you would really like to add to your newsletter mailing list. But that is easier said than done - you know from experience that there is a shoe box of business cards from previous events in your closet. SOHO It Goes! has a solution.

Situation When you first started your business, you invested in a computer, telling yourself that you could do all your own marketing materials, as long as you had Publisher and PowerPoint. Now you realize it's not quite that simple - no matter how you try, your marketing material still seems amateurish at best. You really want to work on your image without spending a fortune.

Situation You have the opportunity to host an event in your home city, which will bring together a group of 40-60 people in complimentary industries to network and hear a speaker you met at another event. Unfortunately, this opportunity might have to pass by because you simply don't have the time to plan and arrange the event. But then, you remember you have SOHO It Goes! on your side.

Situation You receive holiday cards from clients, vendors, and industry colleagues every year, and alway vows to be one of those who manage to send out cards "next year." Having a partner like SOHO It Goes!, this year will be that year!

More Solutions coming coon!

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