Solutions: Business Card Scenario

Picture this: You attend a 3 day industry event in another part of the country, and during the event, collect 128 business cards from folks you would really like to add to your newsletter mailing list. But that is easier said than done - you know from experience that there is a shoe box of business cards from previous events in your closet.

Here is one possible SOHO It Goes! Solution: Upon returning from the event, you drop the 128 business cards into a FedEx envelope and send them to SOHO It Goes!. Upon receipt, I scan each card into a database, using a small scanner designed just for scanning business cards. The software for the scanner presents its highly accurate interpretation of the content of the card, and I visually verify the data - each card takes just seconds to scan. As it goes, any notes written on the back of the card can be entered into the database then or later, to help categorize and organize the data. Upon completion, each new contact is tagged with the event where the acquaintance was made, and the new data is merged with the existing contact database for the client. Within a day, all those new contacts are in the database and can be used for future mailings. The cards are sent back to you for safe keeping in that shoebox.

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