Solutions: Contact Management Scenario

Picture this: Your really meant to use your computer to get organized, but somehow, you've ended up with three different places a bit of client info could be found, and when you need it, can't find anything! The thought of figuring out how to fix this problem is so confusing, that you just keep entering everything in three places.

Here is one possible SOHO It Goes! Solution: Since you live 500 miles away from SOHO It Goes!, a virtual solution is in order -- but that's what I do best. We've already been working together for a while, so you decide to invest in a piece of software that will allow me to see your computer, and work on it remotely. After we get that set up, we schedule a time when you can let me have access to the computer, and I log in and study the databases you have. We have a chat on the phone to talk about what your needs are -- you tell me you want to be able to purge the old records you have, define and sort by categories, and quickly search your records. You would really love to be able to create mailing labels from particular records, as needed. Since you aren't in a sales-heavy business, you don't really need a full featured contact manager that will track track the sales life cycle.

So, with this information, I do some research on a number of available options, including one you already have, and return a report to you with my recommendation on solving these issues. You take my recommendation and I remotely install the software one afternoon, make backups of all your data files and start doing the conversion of all your data into the one contact manager. We set aside another afternoon to do a little training, so you can begin using it right away. You're thrilled -- now you can look up client info instantly, and keep it up to date easily and you know that when we finish that brochure I'm doing for you, it will be a cinch to mail it out.

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