Solutions: Desktop Publishing Scenario

Picture this: When you first started your business, you invested in a computer, telling yourself that you could do all your own marketing materials, as long as you had Publisher and PowerPoint. Now you realize it's not quite that simple - no matter how you try, your marketing material still seems amateurish at best. You really want to work on your image without spending a fortune.

Here is one possible SOHO It Goes! Solution: I know there is a creative spirit in everyone and certainly can understand and respect what you did on your own. But I'm ready and willing to help you upgrade your image. Let's start by looking at your overall identity -- what IS the image you want to project to your clients and to the world? We might decide to work towards creating a new identity for you -- everything from the logo to the fonts and colors you use consistently in your correspondence. I propose we do this, followed by the development of a new business card which is all set up in Publisher so you can print as needed, and make minor edits such as if you change contact information. I also suggest setting up templates for you in Microsoft Word, for all the correspondence you do regularly -- so you need do nothing but start a new document, select your customized template and start typing. Because we took the broad, goal oriented view of your situation, it was possible to estimate the necessary number of hours and I could provide a discounted project rate for you, making it all fit your budget.

Later, you decide to have me develop a PowerPoint template which you can use for client presentations. Because we have established a long term relationship with certain goals, you know you can give me a call and add new collateral to your marketing package, as your time, needs and budget allow -- and I will always have your files here to pick up where we left off.

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