Situation You have the opportunity to host an event in your home city, which will bring together a group of 40-60 people in complimentary industries to network and hear a speaker you met at another event. Unfortunately, this opportunity might have to pass by because you simply don't have the time to plan and arrange the event.

Solution SOHO It Goes! knows how much work is involved in planning an event but as your partner, am ready to jump in and make it happen. SOHO It Goes! tells you to go ahead and commit to making it happen and immediately begins planning the event. After a phone meeting, the general logistical needs are agreed upon - and I start researching and calling available meeting places, and begin negotiating rates. Once a location is chosen, SOHO It Goes! prepares a list of invitees using your database and we discuss, by email, other organizations that should be invited. An invitation is written and designed, and SOHO It Goes! mails it out, including information on the event, the speaker, and a registration form. SOHO It Goes! has already set up a PO Box for you, and the registration forms are faxed or mailed back, with checks and money orders over the next month. I gather all all this, documenting it all in a small database created for the event. Meanwhile, SOHO It Goes! has arranged a catered lunch for the attendees, which will be finalized as soon as the final registrations come in. I begin preparing handout material for the event from drafts you've emailed, and generating name tags for each attendee, from the database of responses. You decide that you want SOHO It Goes! there the day of the event, to greet and assist the attendees and handle any last minute details - so with laptop and cell phone in tow, off I go! By taking care of the bulk of the arrangements, you can show up the day of the event, and relax, knowing that everything is taken care of.

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