Solutions: Web Site Scenario

Picture this: You are pretty sure you need a web site and you're very sure what you have got isn't working for you. But after your last experience, you're not at all sure what you need and even less sure how to proceed in getting it.

Here is one possible SOHO It Goes! Solution: I have been working with businesses, organizations and individuals, to determine how the web can help them communicate and share information, for years. Unfortunately, a large percentage of my work has been redesign work, for folks who were burnt once and more than a bit concerned about what they will be paying for the second time around.

First, let me say that I have actually advised potential clients that they should NOT invest in a web site. I do have a real desire to see small businesses take advantage of the web - but I am not interested in just taking your money. If it's not for you, I'll say so - and perhaps suggest more advantageous ways you can use your money and resources to grow your business.

I understand that cost is frequently a factor for small businesses, and that is why I customize every solution to the client. If I know what your budgetary basis is, I usually can create a web project plan that will provide you with an attractive, and well architected site, within your budget. We can take the site in stages, and plan for meeting future goals in a step by step manner.

When you call, we will talk about your business, and who your customers and products are. I will ask a lot of questions, including a few about your existing site if you have one, and what your experience has been so I can better meet your needs. We can also discuss what your timeline and budgetary issues are. I will create a preliminary proposal for you and we'll take it from there.

I have a real passion for sharing what I know of the web as a means of building community, creating a client base and communicating information, and so I hope that you will give me the opportunity to discuss what the web can do for your business or organization!

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