Speaking Engagements

Eileen 'Turtle' Parzek is passionate about using technology for marketing and communications, and creating intersections between the people, creativity and technology. She is available to speak to your organization or employees about topics such as:

  • Effective Online Communication
    Covering these topics:
    • Common acronyms and what they mean
    • Giving your online communication personality - smilies and how to make them
    • Spam - what it is, how to avoid it, what to do about it
    • Flaming - what it is, putting out flames
    • Rules of Netiquette - how to be a good online citizen
  • Finding Information Online
    Covering these topics:
    • Understanding how search engines work
    • Searching Strategies, Boolean operators (don't let them scare you!)
    • The best search engines to use
    • Hidden gems for searching online
  • Business Networking in Cyberspace
    Covering these topics
    • Types of business networks
    • Finding business networks to participate in
    • How to get started networking
    • How to network regularly, effectively and efficiently

In addition, she can speak on issues of web site design, branding/business identity, email marketing, and using technology for client/customer relationship management. Custom presentations can also be developed for specific groups.


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