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Custom Web Site Design and Development

You've probably already discovered that there are thousands of web designers out here competing for the opportunity to build your web presence, that no two are created equal and there is an incredible range of prices flying around. So, let's cut right to what you get when you hire Business Design Studio.

We create custom designs. No "cookie cutter" sites here - our goal will always be to design a site which is unique just to you and your business.

Our approach to web site design is content and customer centered. We are against gratuitous use of graphics and steadfastly refuse to use flash and glitz, just to show off what WE can do.

"She is that rarest of creatures, a technical expert with an artist's eye who speaks in a language that the non-technical can understand. She designed my website to the highest standards of technical excellence while also exhibiting a deep intuitive sense of who I am and what work I do."

Maria Doherty, Edinburgh Scotland
Chrysalis Transformations (2004)

We can help you develop a marketing strategy around which a web site is just a part. Our strategies take full advantage of current marketing technology.

We can help you convert existing written content into the web ready content you need on your web site. If you don't have content, we can help you develop it.

We are information architects. This means that we know how to best organize and structure your content, and will guide you in developing a logical and cohesive content plan that meets the needs of your audience.

We have years of experience in computer interface design, with a focus on making a site "usable" and easy to navigate, as well as attractive.

We have experience in managing virtual projects with team members and customers scattered across time zones.

We are your marketing design partner and intend to be around for the life of your business. Our services cover ALL the marketing you might do - from branding to print design, trade show booths and book design - and we help our customers every step of the way. We don't just churn out web sites and disappear from your life.

We also have trusted associates and partners who can provide everything from hosting, copy writing, photography, multimedia, database driven and ecommerce web sites, and programming services .

We have been involved in the design and development of hundreds of web site design projects since 1995 - in Albany, NY and for clients around the US and overseas. Take a look at the web sites in the gallery and read our case studies to learn about some of these projects.

Let us show you how the web can be used towards building community, customer service, team building, and communication!

Contact Business Design Studio today with no obligation, and tell us what you need and how we can help- we always have lots of ideas to share!


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