Web Strategy & Marketing Development

Take advantage of the many years of experience we have in building web applications and running a virtual business, and put us to work for your company!

We take a user-centered approach to web design and development, focusing primarily on understanding how the user thinks, learns, and interacts with online communication media - successfully bridging the gap between the user and your content. As a professional service business, we know a lot about standing out and being seen. And virtual business is another specialty since we've been doing work that way for years. Owner Eileen Parzek recently worked on one major project spread out across a year and three time zones - and we love to help other organizations realize the possibilities of virtual business, intranets for far flung teams and telecommuting.

Consider us as you plan your companies approach to the web or electronic communications, strategize for the future and assess current trends. With a strong interest in the future implications of the web and lots of ideas to share, SOHO It Goes! can be a valuable asset to your company.

[We are integrators of many of the solutions so well explained and documented in the following programs - take a look, get some ideas and let SOHO It Goes! make it happen for you!]

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