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Web Site Hosting for Small Businesses

Most of our clients rely on us to arrange and manage the hosting of their web sites. Like most web design companies, we don't have our own hosting in-house. After many years in the industry, we partnered with and endorse a major hosting company, Crystal Tech, for our client's hosting needs. We administer these sites on behalf of our clients, and act as an liaison with the hosting company. You pay one annual fee for the hosting and our administrative services, and don't need to worry about a thing!

When we arrange for hosting, we

  • choose the best package for your needs,
  • move web sites and configure features like auto responders and lists,
  • handle the administration of your account on your behalf,
  • register and transfer your domains,
  • configure the full featured web site statistics package so you can get customized, weekly or monthly reports,
  • act as your liaison whenever support is required,
  • notify you of (and interpret) any relevant technical correspondence from the host company.

We also do domain name availability searches, and register and administer domain names for our clients.

In other words, you get the personal service of Business Design Studio, combined with the full service hosting capabilities of one of the best, most proven and robust hosting companies in the world, without ever needing to lift a finger!



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