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Web Site Editing - Web Site Maintenance

A web site should be a living thing, growing with your business. Your web marketing plan should include ways to attract and draw people back. It needs to change frequently, to be effective.

So, what are your options for maintaining and editing your web site? Our clients choose from among these three scenarios:

We maintain the site

Many busy professionals prefer to concentrate on what they do best and just let us handle the updates to the site, which we're happy to do. Most don't ever pay more than $120 per quarter.

The benefit to doing this, for the client, is that they can call or forward changes by email, and we make sure the site maintains a consistent design and the level of professionalism it was originally created with.

If it is a routine or predictable amount of maintenance, we can set up a retainer - ie., X hours per month at a discounted rate of $X.

We strive to have all routine maintenance tasks completed within 48 hours - but our clients will tell you, it's usually done in as little as an hour during business hours.

The client makes edits with Contribute

Contribute is software that some of our clients use to be able to make minor edits to their own web sites. It allows us to "lock" areas of the site and make others open for editing, and provides a great deal of flexibility for those who want to be hands-on.

The site is designed with a Content Management System

Database driven web sites have an administrative area where the client can log in and add, modify and replace content. This can be done for content like articles, news, events, libraries and any other information that follows a structured format.

A content management system (CMS) costs more money up front, but allows the client, a temp or administrative employee to maintain the site without ever touching the code. A CMS maintains the integrity of the site look and navigation, and provides cost effective options for keeping the site fresh, but there might be restrictions in how "creative" or flexible the site design or individual pages of content can be, depending on the solution.

Business Design Studio has a number of web development partners who can help us to build and customize CMS systems when our client's require them. Our in-house speciality, however, is to create unique custom designs that we maintain or our clients update using Contribute.


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