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Our Speedy Web Assessments

Do you already have a web site but wonder if there are things you might do to improve it? Maybe you did it yourself - and it's not all bad - but you're just not sure what direction to take it to next. You might simply need a fresh set of eyes to review your site to make sure you haven't made any glaring mistakes that will cost you clients.

Eileen has a vast amount of web design, interface design, usability and information architecture experience - spanning over a decade and hundreds of web sites. For only $150 (read the guarantee), she'll personally look at your home page and the most important pages of your site (a minimum of five pages of your overall site design) and send you a report. Depending on the site, you'll learn such things as:

  • What the first impression of your site is, looking at it from the perspective of YOUR ideal customer
  • If your web site colors and fonts are working for you or against you
  • If your menu navigation makes sense or can be improved
  • Whether your information architecture makes sense or loses and confuses
  • Whether the images on your site are enhancing your content or scaring your visitors
  • What content you could add to your site to improve your marketing strategy
  • If your images are optimized correctly and your code "validates"
  • Whether the site is broken in any way
  • If the web site is likely to meet your marketing goals, as is

The 3-5 page assessment you receive will report on the positive and negative, and provide specific suggestions for improvement, depending on the findings.

WHY IT'S SPEEDY: We will return our findings to you by the end of the second full business day of your order.

GUARANTEE: We obviously can't guarantee that you'll LIKE what we tell you! But we promise to refund $75 of what you paid, if we look over your site and can't suggest at least two meaningful improvements that can be made. Plus, if you hire us within 14 days of the assessment, the full cost will be deducted from the cost of your web site project.

Are you ready to have an experienced web professional assess over your web site?

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