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We partner with independent professionals and consultants

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Eileen for many years. She has acted as my company's web designer, information architect and graphics department -- all done virtually. She epitomizes the best facets of the virtual partner: reliable, thorough and talented, and dedicated to the complete satisfaction of her clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend Eileen to anyone who is
considering working with her."

Steve Sloan

Partnering is what we do best. Virtual partnering... even better!

If you are an independent professional - such as a copy writer, marketing consultant, or technology strategist - we should talk. Very often, we provide freelance creative services in partnership with other creative and marketing professionals just like you.

We specialize in providing agency quality web and graphic design to small and mid-sized businesses. As a consultant, you can offer this broader variety of services to your clients, and have a reliable design consultant at the ready.

For example:

  • a marketing strategist might work with a client for some time to build a strategy, bring Eileen in for marketing technology input, and then hire us to execute that strategy with a web site,
  • a copy writer can offer web design services, and oversee the project - while we put their content into a custom web design and handle the technical aspects,
  • a business coach can help their client find a voice online and we can help them be heard with the right mix of marketing technology and tools.

This is a win-win partnership that has been very successful for us and our consultant clients. Take a look at some of the testimonials that have come in - and a look at the gallery to see what kinds of work we do. And then give us a call!




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