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We work with established small businesses

Many of our clients are small business owners with at least 3-5 years in the trenches. They've either tried to do things themselves or just let their marketing "happen" and now they're ready to take their business to the next level with a combination of professional design and marketing with technology.

We're much more than a graphic design shop - we're a creative marketing and technology partner for your business. At Business Design Studio, our expert team provides a wide variety of marketing design and technology services. We specialize in providing design, communication and marketing solutions that are driven by today's technology. We help our clients wade through such decisions as what blog software to use, which printer to go to, and how to get the most bang for their web hosting buck.

"I was looking for someone to redesign our site and our logo -
Business Design Studio listened to what we wanted and came through with flying colors. Eileen is a pleasure to work with, and, her patience and
dedication is an asset to her."

Miguel Berger
TechValley Homes, (2004)

All of our clients enjoy added benefits, like the ability to tap into our expertise in small business marketing. We are with you throughout your business cycle to make suggestions on how to:

  • communicate with more people,
  • increase your reach,
  • market effectively and grow smarter,
  • get more organized and automated,
  • manage your time and information; and
  • make efficient use of the technology you already own or may not even know exists!

Contact Business Design Studio today to find out how to make that happen!

PS. If you're thinking "Yes, I need this kind of help!" but are concerned about cost, we do understand. Unfortunately, new businesses do not always have the money they need to invest in professional marketing materials, at the moment when they need it most! So, in order to help as many small businesses as possible, Business Design Studio takes the following approach:

  • If you will tell us what your budget and goals are, we will try to work with you to find a solution that meets both, if possible.
  • We will accept Visa and Mastercard for payment, allowing you to invest in your business now and pay for it over time.
  • We provide a 10% discount to clients who pay a contract over $1,000 in full - this can amount to some serious savings!
  • We have developed info products for "do it yourselfers" that can help you build a foundation for creating your own marketing on a shoestring budget.

Whatever you decide is right for you, we look forward to hearing from you!




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