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Virtual Professionalism in 2003

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A virtual professional is defined as an entrepreneur who conducts business using technology, located remotely from their clientele. Based on a detailed online survey of 70 virtual professionals conducted last year, the report provides a snapshot of this rapidly expanding trend. The initial survey relied on a combination of statistical questions to determine trends, and open questions in order to gather quotes from virtual professionals. The final covers three areas: demographics, benefits and hazards, and the state of technology in the virtual world.

"Having owned a successful and international virtual business for 9 years now, I feel a strong sense of advocacy towards virtual professionalism," says Eileen Parzek, author of the report and owner of SOHO It Goes! "My goal was to gather both facts and opinions from other virtual professionals, and share what I learned with the business community. I hope that it will encourage other entrepreneurs to consider this way of work and life, and educate people about businesses that operate this way."

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